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Behavioral Care
Border Control



We are creators designing and manufacturing reliable products for the most demanding settings.

From border protection to correctional facilities, KryptoMax® intensive-use products are deployed where failure is not an option.

Since 1999

With more then 20 years in the industry, G2 Automated Technologies designs, manufactures, and supplies KryptoMax® products for commercial and government customers.

Uncompromising Quality

Every KryptoMax® brand product manufactured by G2 comes with a life time workmanship warranty. Every item is built with the care and quality you expect and need.

Product Categories

Access & Pass-Throughs

Product category image of various KryptoMax® stainless steel access and pass-through solutions for intensive use

Anti-Ligature Products

Product category image of various KryptoMax® stainless steel anti-ligature solutions for intensive use

Barriers & Privacy Panels

Product category image of various KryptoMax® stainless steel privacy panels, privacy screens, security dividers, and crowd control barrier solutions for intensive use

Beds & Bunks

Product category image of KryptoMax® stainless steel and powder-coated steel corrections beds, bunks, and related accessories for intensive use


Bench product category image with many KryptoMax Intensive use bench types shown

Cabinets & Shelves

Product category image of various KryptoMax® stainless steel cabinets, lockers, shelves and other storage solutions for intensive use


Product category image of various KryptoMax Corrections carts for intensive use facilities


Product category images of various KryptoMax® stainless steel chairs for intensive use


image of several desk types for the KryptoMax® stainless steel intensive use desks category

Detention Mirrors

Image for the KryptoMax® stainless steel corrections tamper-resistant mirrors product category, includes: the small detention inmate mirror, large detention mirror, and curved surveillance mirror

Hose Racks

Product category image for KryptoMax® stainless steel hose racks showing 3 racks

Restraint Bars & Rings

Product category image of various KryptoMax® stainless steel handcuff rings, handcuff bars, and restraint parts for intensive use

Showers, Sinks, & Plumbing

Image of KryptoMax® stainless steel corrections tamper-resistant drain, prison shower enclosure, ADA-compliant shower panel, and handwash sink


various KryptoMax® stainless steel corrections stools shown


KryptoMax® stainless steel intensive use tables category with various interviewing tables, dining tables, recreation tables, and more shown

Tamper-Resistant Hardware

Product category image of various KryptoMax® tamper-resistant hardware such as concrete anchors, bolts, and screwdriver bits for intensive use

All Seating & Tables

KryptoMax® stainless steel seating and tables for intensive use showing prison desk and prison stool together

All Categories

Product category image of various KryptoMax® stainless steel accessories, hose racks, detention mirrors, and parts for intensive use


Nearly every KryptoMax® product can be provided with custom dimensions and features.
Not finding the exact solution you were looking for?
Every facility is different and off-the-shelf products don’t always fit or have the features you require.
Our design team can design the solution that meets your requirements. From drawings to delivery, we provide custom intensive use solutions that work for you.


We make lots of Stainless Steel products, but we also build products with other specialty materials.
We also manufacture products with:

and MORE


One of the many ways our products are better is in how we weld materials. Many competitors provide products constructed with spot-welded edges and joints. Spot-welds are common failure points on detention products.
We take the time and effort to fully and seamlessly weld load-bearing edges and joints. This results in solid, contiguous construction that withstands rigorous use.


KryptoMax® products manufactured by G2 are built in our Texas facility.
We strive to source materials and components from U.S. providers when and where available.
Some parts have international origins due to availability, cost, or customer specifications.
Product origins are noted on product listings in this website when available.


KryptoMax® products are installed around the world.
International quotes for products are a welcome opportunity. International shipping requires care and consideration in crating and securing heavy duty furnishings and equipment. We work with your freight forwarder and ensure items are packaged and readied for export.