Detention Pass Through

The KryptoMax® stainless steel pass through is built for intensive use. It features a heavy gauge stainless steel body and wall flanges, stainless steel hardware, and a mechanical interlock allows only one door to be open at a time. Many options and sizes are available for this pass through.

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Product Features:

  • 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction for Intensive Use
  • Custom Configurations, Features, Options, and Sizes Always Available for Your Specific Requirements
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty NOT 1 year limited warranty


G2’s KryptoMax® stainless steel detention pass through is built for intensive use. The stainless steel pass through is built with heavy duty construction featuring heavy gauge stainless steel, heavy grade hardware, and a mechanical interlock allows only one door to be open at a time.

The pass through includes stainless steel wall flanges for a finished look and tamper resistance.

The doors can be offered with locking or non-locking latches. Optional features include a removable shelf, viewing window, or seamless interior for through cleaning and disinfection. Push button or electronic access locks are also available for controlling access or integration with existing access control systems. Several versions and options are also shown in the product images.

These KryptoMax® pass-throughs are built to withstand intensive use in prison control rooms, detention pods, and other correctional facilities. This stainless steel pass through is also ideal for any detention medical ward where controlling medication handling is critical. G2 manufactures pass-throughs in the USA for all types of detention, government, industrial, medical, and research use. We can specially design and build a pass through cabinet for your requirements.

Other KryptoMax® intensive-use secure pass-through solutions include the stainless steel food pass door, stainless steel pass through evidence locker, and stainless steel secure pass hopper.


The body of the stainless steel pass through is constructed of 12 gauge Type 304 stainless steel with a #4 polished finish. It is gas tungsten arc welded (GTAW) welded for strength and uniformity. All exposed edges and welds are ground smooth.

The intensive-use detention pass through includes 12 gauge stainless steel wall flanges for both the interior and exterior.

A stainless steel mechanical interlock prevents more than one door from being open at a time. There are many interlock and related options available such as go/no-go LED indicators, mag-lock interlocks, electronic interlocks activated with RFID card, and more.

Standard hardware included is all heavy duty stainless steel. Mild steel, power coated steel, locking turn handles with keys, push button combination locks, electronic RFID locks, stainless steel pull handles, and more are also available. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We’ve been making pass throughs for more than 20 years and can recommend a solution to fit your needs.

G2 offers a full line of intensive use furniture for a variety of border control, commercial, detention, government, industrial, and security applications.

Detention Pass Through

SKU: KM-PT-DET-161616 Category: Tag:
KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Pass Through Cabinet shown with optional black hardware and non-locking latch handle


Additional information


G2 Automated Technologies, LLC

Country of Origin

Made in the USA

Part Number

(Note: part number indicates pass thru with outside dimensions of 16" x 16" x 16"; different sizes result in different part numbers)


Exterior Pass Through Body: 16”W x 16”D x 16”H

Pass Through Interior: 11.25”W x 13”D x 7.25”H

Custom dimensions available, contact us to discuss your requirements or note them in your quote request.


Gas Tungsten Arc Welded (GTAW) Stainless Steel Construction

Solid 12 Gauge Type 304 #4 Polished Stainless Steel Material for Body and Wall Flanges

Stainless Steel Hinges and Pull Handles Standard

Stainless Steel Internal Exposed Mechanical Interlock

Standard Features

Single Wall Design

Raised Floor

Solid Door Design (Available with Viewing Window in One or Both Door(s))

Two (2) Wall Flange/Trim Pieces

Stainless Steel Hinges


Custom Lock Configurations (Keyed, Push-Button, RFID Card, and More)

Custom Interlock Configurations (Electronic, Magnetic, and More)

Removeable or Fixed Interior Shelf

Seamless, Kleen-Wipe™ Interior for Easy Disinfection and Handling of Biohazardous Materials

Go/No-Go LED Indicators

Viewing Windows for Doors

Tamper-Proof Hardware for Installation

Mild Steel with Powder Coated Finish in Custom Colors

Type 430 Stainless Steel

Type 316L Stainless Steel

Custom Configurations and Sizes are Available – Contact Us to Discuss Your Requirements or Note Custom Dimensions in Your Quote Request


Life Time Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects






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Not finding the solution you’re seeking? We can build a pass through chamber, cabinet, drawer, hatch, or other configuration to meet your requirements. Contact us to discuss your specifications and get a fast, custom quote for your project.

Since 1999, G2 manufactures and supplies pass throughs for corrections, government, food processing, industrial, pharmaceutical, research, and semiconductor facilities.

Want to see other options or pass throughs such as fire rated versions, lead-lined versions for x-ray rooms, HEPA or ULPA filtration options? Browse our full line of pass through products at

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