Food Pass Through Door

G2’s KryptoMax® stainless steel food pass for correctional use is built in the USA with several safety and security features. Our heavy-duty construction designed for intensive use features 12 gauge stainless steel material, heavy duty “no-pinch-design” hinges, and is supplied ready for deadbolt installation.

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Product Features:

  • 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
  • All Edges Ground Smooth for Safety
  • Mounting Plate with Concealed Bolt Catch, Ready for Deadlock Installation
  • Heavy Duty “No-Pinch” Stainless Steel Hinge Design
  • Can Be Fully Customized to Meet Your Requirements
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Made in the USA


G2’s KryptoMax® stainless steel food pass through door for correctional use is designed and built with several safety and security features.

This corrections food pass door is built with heavy-duty construction designed for intensive use. It features heavy gauge stainless steel material, heavy duty “no-pinch-design” hinges, and is supplied ready for deadbolt installation.

This version is our most secure option intended for use in solid core doors. There are two main components – a stainless steel exterior door faceplate assembly and an interior stainless steel faceplate with food tray shelf. These front and back assemblies are bolted together through the detention door with tamper-resistant hardware at time of installation.

A single-sided assembly version, or two-sided version with exterior & interior faceplates, can be provided for use with hollow-core doors (or solid core doors) includes a stainless steel door insert welded to the food pass exterior assembly. This insert seals the door core interior and acts as a food tray shelf. The single-sided version is mounted from one side only and offers all the same features and options as the two-sided solid door assembly, without the interior face plate assembly (recommended only for doors with minimum security requirements). The two-sided version with exterior & interior faceplates is recommended where safety and security are of the highest concern.

These stainless steel food pass through doors are built to last, come with a life time guarantee, and are made in the USA. They are ready for intensive-use providing safely and security while passing food trays and other materials into a prison control room, detention pod, or through other corrections facility doorways. This stainless pass through is ideal for any corrections use where handling materials safely through doorways is critical.

Our KryptoMax® intensive use products manufactured by G2 are made in the USA. Other access and pass-throughs for corrections use include our stainless steel secure detention pass hopper, stainless steel specimen pass through with interlock options, stainless steel pass-through evidence lockers, and pass-through pistol lockers. Other styles are available to be customized for your requirements.


The KryptoMax® stainless steel food pass through door is built with gas-tungsten arc-welded (GTAW) heavy-duty 12 gauge stainless steel material with a standard #4 polished finish.

A 12 gauge stainless steel interior flange provides a finished look and tamper resistance.

Unlike other food pass doors, our stainless steel food pass through door features stainless steel hinges that are configured and placed to prevent pinching due to their offset, two-piece design.

A deadbolt plate is welded to the face of the assembly, tapped and ready for corrections deadlock installation per your specifications. A stainless steel concealed bolt catch provides heavy duty, secure deadlock engagement.

The stainless steel food pass through door is comprised of two main parts, the outside assembly and the inside assembly. This version is ready for use on solid doors. An interior shelf makes tray handling easy.

Optional configuration is available for installation in hollow doors. This one piece assembly utilizes a door insert to act as a food tray shelf and does not come with backplate assembly for interior of the cell door.

An optional built-in stop can be added to position the food pass door as a shelf for holding trays while door is open.

This food pass is also available with mild steel construction instead of stainless steel. Powder coated mild steel is not as resilient as stainless, but can offer some initial cost savings to meet budget requirements.

G2 offers a full line of intensive use furniture for a variety of border control, commercial, detention, government, industrial, and security applications.

Food Pass Through Door

SKU: KM-FPTD-100 Category: Tag:
Looking through KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Food Pass Through Door with door open

Additional information


G2 Automated Technologies, LLC

Country of Origin

Made in the USA

Part Number

Alternate Part Number: GAT-FPTD-100 (old)


Outside Flange: 20”W x 16”H

Food Pass Opening: 17.5”W x 6”H

This product is designed and manufactured in our USA facility. Dimensions and configuration can be customized to meet your requirements.


GTAW Welded Stainless Steel Construction

Solid 12 Gauge Type 304 #4 Polished Stainless Steel Material for Body, Flange, and Deadbolt Mounting Plate

Intensive-Use Stainless Steel Hinges

Two Part Design for Solid Core Doors – Outside Door Assembly with Food Pass Door, Mounting Plate Ready for Deadlock Installation, Deadbolt Catch, and Hinges; Inside Door Assembly with Food Tray Shelf Welded to Door Flange

Standard Features

All Material Edges Ground Smooth for Safety

Pre-Drilled/Tapped Mounting Points Ready for Deadbolt Installation

Concealed Deadlock Bolt Catch

Stainless Steel Hinges with Offset Hinge Design to Prevent Pinching

Double-Thick Stainless Steel Food Pass Door (Two 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Plates Seamlessly Welded Together)

Two Sided Design for Solid Core Detention Doors – One Assembly for Door Exterior, Another Assembly with Food Tray Shelf for Door Interior (Other Options Available for Solid Core or Hollow Core Detention Doors)


Single Faceplate with Door Insert/Food Tray Shelf for Hollow Core Doors for Minimum Security Requirements (no interior faceplate assembly)

Two Faceplate Design (Interior Detention Door Faceplate & Exterior Door Assembly w/Faceplate) with Door Insert for Hollow Core Doors
(Door insert/food tray shelf seamlessly welded to interior faceplate, or exterior faceplate, to seal off door core interior – made according to your specifications)

Built-In Stop for Using Food Pass Door as Shelf

Custom Deadbolt Mounting Plate and Catch Configurations

Tamper-Proof Hardware for Installation

Stainless Steel Door Handle

Mild Steel with Powder Coated Finish in Custom Colors

Type 430 Stainless Steel

Type 316L Stainless Steel

Custom Configurations and Sizes are Available – Contact Us to Discuss Your Requirements or Note Custom Dimensions in Your Quote Request


Life Time Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects






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