Anti-Ligature Recessed Soap Dish

The KryptoMax® recessed soap dish is a single piece design mounts into a shower panel or wall. Stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance.

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Product Features:

  • Single Piece Stainless Steel Design
  • Type 304 Stainless Steel Body with Coated-Steel Bolted Backplate
  • Flush Mounted to Prevent Ligature or Vandalism
  • Wide Flange Provides Flat, Uniform Fit Around Bezel
  • Used for Replacement or New Installations with Front or Rear Mounted Panels and Cut-Outs
  • Raised Dimples in Soap Dish Provide Air Circulation


G2’s KryptoMax® stainless steel anti-ligature recessed soap dish is a single piece design that mounts into a shower wall or panel.

Raised dimples on bottom of the recessed soap receptacle provide air circulation and retain soap.

Our stainless steel anti-ligature recessed soap dish is a great addition to front or rear-mounted shower panel assemblies as shown in product images.

The recessed soap dish can be provided as a stand-alone product, included with our front-mounted stainless steel detention shower head assembly with push button, or the rear-mounted stainless steel detention shower head assembly with push button. The soap dish can also be installed in the KryptoMax® stainless steel shower stall.

All KryptoMax® products manufactured by G2 can be customized for your requirements.


Type 304 stainless steel recessed soap dish body construction provides corrosion and damage resistance. It mounts tightly against a solid surface to prevent ligature, vandalism and tampering attempts.

This stainless steel anti-ligature recessed soap dish is available for stand-alone installations or as an available options for one of our front-mounted shower panel assemblies for cut-outs or rear-mounted shower panel assemblies for plumbing chase wall installation (as shown in product images).

A coated heavy steel backplate secures the recessed soap dish against a solid surface such as a shower panel assembly or wall. Welded nuts on the backside provide sturdy mounting. Different backplate mount sizes, configurations, and welded nuts are available to match panel or wall depths. Contact us to discuss your requirements and get recommendations for appropriate hardware sizes and configurations.

G2 offers a full line of intensive use solutions for a variety of border control, commercial, detention, government, industrial, and security applications.

Anti-Ligature Recessed Soap Dish

SKU: KM-SHWR-SD Categories: , Tags: , ,
KryptoMax® stainless steel recessed soap receptacle shown at an angle highlighting raised dimples for holding soap and allowing air circulation

Additional information

Part Number



Outer Face Wall Flange: 5" Tall x 7" Wide

Interior: 3 5/8" Tall x 5 1/2" Wide

Wall Cut=Out Depth (Outer Soap Dish Body Depth): 2 3/4" Deep


Type 304 Stainless Steel Soap Dish Body

Coated Steel Mounting Backplate Available for Wall Installations

Specify Panel or Wall Thickness and Mounting Surface Material for Quoting Appropriate Mounting Accessories

Standard Features

Flush-Mount Fit for Ligature, Vandal, and Tamper Resistance

Raised Dimples on Floor of Soap Dish


Products Manufactured by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., include a Standard Life Time Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Standard Third-Party Manufacturer Warranty Applies to All Parts Not Manufactured by G2 – Details Available at Time of Quote
(Typical third-party products are guaranteed against defective material or poor workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment)




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