Anti-Ligature Shower Head

The KryptoMax® anti-ligature shower head body and spray insert is machined from solid stainless steel. The conical shape is ligature and vandal resistant. Available as a replacement part or new installations with rear panel installation.

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Product Features:

  • Stainless Steel Shower Head Body
  • Vandal and Ligature Resistant Conical Shower Head
  • Conical Shape Prevents Use as Point of Ligature
  • Non-Adjustable Stream Spray Pattern
  • 30° Fixed Spray Angle
  • 2.5 GPM (9.5 LPM) Flow Regulator
  • Configured for Rear of Panel Installation
  • Anti-Ligature Shower Controls & Control and Temperature Mixing Valves Also Available


G2’s KryptoMax® stainless steel anti-ligature shower head is built for intensive use. It is ideal for replacement of broken or worn shower nozzles or for use in combination with a full stainless steel shower installation or shower assembly panel.

The conical shape design is vandal and ligature resistant. This version is intended for use in panel installations with mounting hardware accessible only from rear side.

The conical shape of the shower head provides a 30° degree fixed spray angle.

Our intensive-use plumbing and shower options include ADA-compliant shower panel assemblies with handheld shower head, full stainless steel shower assemblies, anti-ligature stainless steel push button controls, and stainless steel shower panel assemblies with recessed soap dish.

Other configurations and styles are available for your requirements.


Conical body and spray Insert are machined from solid stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.

The stainless steel anti-ligature shower head is intended for panel mounting from the rear.

It includes a 1/4” NPT x 3/8” outer diameter tube push-in type elbow and two 1/4-20 UNC x 3/8” long pan head screws for panel mounting.

Includes a 2.5 GPM (9.57 LPM) flow regulator. Other options are available such as a 1.5 GPM (5.8 LPM) flow regulator.

Other versions such as adjustable spray nozzles, directional spray nozzles, and more are available. Control valves and thermostatic/pressure balance mixing valves are also available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

G2 offers a full line of intensive-use plumbing assemblies for a variety of border control, commercial, detention, government, industrial, and security applications.

Anti-Ligature Shower Head

SKU: KM-SHWR-HEAD Categories: , Tags: , ,
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Additional information

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Body and Spray Insert Machined from Solid Stainless Steel Polished to Mirror Finish

Rear Panel Mounting Configuration (two (2) 1/4-20 UNC x 3/8” long pan head screws included for panel mounting)

1/4” NPT x 3/8” Outer Diameter Tube Push-In Type Elbow Plumbing Connection

2.5 GPM (9.5 LPM) Flow Regulator

Non-Adjustable Stream Spray Pattern

30° Fixed Spray Angle


1.5 GPM (5.7 LPM) Flow Regulator

Adjustable Stream Spray Pattern

Other Shower Head Designs Available – Contact Us to Discuss Your Requirements


Products Manufactured by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., include a Standard Life Time Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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