Heavy Duty Floor Mount Prison Bench

The KryptoMax® heavy duty floor mounted prison bench is a purposely designed and built reinforced stainless steel bench for intensive use. Available in custom sizes and configurations such as with or without restraint bar or rings.

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Product Features:

  • Fully Welded, Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2” x 2” Stainless Steel Square Tubing Frame
  • Optional Restraint Rings or Restraint Bar Available
  • Welded Stainless Steel Flanges with ½” Diameter Holes for Secure, Solid Floor Mounting
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Made in the USA


G2’s KryptoMax® stainless steel, heavy duty, floor mount prison bench is purposely designed and built for intensive use in the USA.

The heavy duty 12 gauge stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. In addition, fully welded stainless steel also resists tampering or vandalism attempts.

The clean design and solid construction of our heavy duty floor mount prison benches make them suitable for a variety of intensive use applications such as for public areas with heavy traffic and constant use, to detention installations where safety and security are of highest concern.


RESTRAINT RINGS: This wall mounted detention bench is available with, or without, restraint rings for handcuffs or similar restraints. Our handcuff rings are made with strong, fully-welded, three-eighths-inch (3/8″) stainless steel rod.

RESTRAINT BAR: A heavy duty, three point restraint bar (handcuff bar) welded to the front of the wall mounted bench is also available. Our handcuff bars are built with strong one-half inch (1.5”) round stainless steel tubing that is fully-welded to the bench structure. Square stainless steel tubing is also available.

Unlike many other cheaply-made detention productions, our handcuff bars and rings are solidly welded to the frame, pedestals, or other key points of the applicable bench structure to provide safety and strength for the most secure environments.


KryptoMax® detention benches are available in many different styles, with various mounting options.

Also, KryptoMax® detention benches are available in various lengths to meet your specific space requirements or for seating 1, 2, 3 or more persons.

Because it is manufactured in our USA facility, custom dimensions are always available.

Also offered is a single seat detention bench for separation purposes or where available floor space is constricted.

We also offer wall-mounted detention benches such our stainless steel, fold-up, wall-mounted bench and many types of floor-mounted detention benches such as our stainless steel corrections bench with restraint bar and the very popular KryptoMax® stainless steel corrections bench with restraint rings welded to the bench floor pedestals.


Use the request quote feature on this site to get a fast estimate for pricing, availability, and shipping. Note any special requirements in the quote request. One of our sales representatives will respond quickly if there are any additional details required or if you have questions.

Items to consider and specify in your quote request:
(If no custom requirements are noted in your request, the standard detention bench configuration will be quoted: a 72″ wide x 12″ deep x 18″ high stainless steel wall mount detention bench without restraint bar or rings)

  • Length/Width of Bench
    (Standard length/width shown in product images and specific to part number KW-FPB-72in is 72″ (6′ length/width))
    (Other suggested lengths 24″ to 96″ (2′ to 8′ length))
    (Length/width is customizable to meet your specific requirements)
  • Depth of Bench Top Seat
    (Standard seat depth is 12″ (1′ deep))
    (Customizable to meet your specific requirements)
  • Optional Restraint Rings
    – Note if Restraint Rings (Handcuff Rings) are to be included
    – Square shape restraint rings are available as the standard upgrade option. Other shapes and styles available – note special requirements in your quote request
    – Restraint Bar(Handcuff Bar) is available in upgraded version with reinforced bench top version


This floor mounted prison bench features a fully-welded, heavy duty, 12 gauge stainless steel construction with a standard #4 polished finish.

The bench frame is constructed using heavy-duty 2” square 16 gauge stainless steel tubing with a clean brushed finish.

There is a one and a half inch (1½”) flange around the perimeter of the wall mounted detention bench.

All corners and edges are are ground smooth and rounded for safety. Therefore, the fully welded, heavy duty, stainless steel floor mounted bench provides a secure, strong, single piece design specifically for intensive use.

The stainless steel floor mounting flanges have half inch (½”) diameter mounting holes on each plate for half inch mounting bolts, as opposed to 3/8″ commonly used. Therefore, the use of larger diameter hardware results in secure floor mounting particularly when installed with tamper resistant hardware.

Optionally available restraint rings (handcuff rings) are 3/8” (.375″) stainless steel rod. As a result, the restraint rings are most commonly requested to be welded to the underside of the bench near the front edge. However, the restraint rings can also be welded to the front of the bench if you desire. They also can be installed on both sides of the bench.

The available restraint bar (handcuff bar) version is a one and a half-inch (1.5″) diameter stainless steel handcuff bar welded at points along the front of the bench.

Alternatively, this bench is available with mild steel construction instead of stainless steel. Powder coated mild steel is not as resilient as stainless, but can offer some initial cost savings to meet budget requirements.


Due to the weight and security considerations, mounting to concrete, stone, or other similar solid surfaces with tamper resistant concrete bolts & anchors is recommended for secure installation. Please contact us to discuss options, recommendations, or solutions for mounting to surfaces other than concrete, stone, or other similar.

Tamper-resistant bolts and concrete anchors are also available for purchase. They can be provided with the bench for a complete detention seating solution, for example:

  • 3.25″ Long KryptoMax® Button Head Tamper-Resistant Concrete Bolt & Anchor with Stainless Steel Post & Steel Zinc Plated Anchor Body Four (4) Pack (Part Number: GAT-BHA-1/2X3.1/4-Z-4-PACK)
    – 3.25″ inch Long (1/2″ x 3 -1/4″ long (.5″ x 3.25″ long))
    – Part GAT-BHA-1/2X3.1/4-Z-4-PACK includes K55 socket security bit for installing concrete bolts with a power drill
  • 3.75″ Long KryptoMax® Button Head Tamper-Resistant Concrete Bolt & Anchor with Stainless Steel Post & Steel Zinc Plated Anchor Body Four (4) Pack (Part Number: GAT-BHA-1/4X3.3/4-Z-4-PACK)
    – 3.75″ inch Long (1/2″ x 3-3/4″ long (.5″ x 3.75″ long))
    – Part GAT-BHA-1/4X3.3/4-Z-4-PACK includes K55 socket security bit for installing concrete bolts with a power drill
  • 4″ Long KryptoMax® Button Head Tamper-Resistant Concrete Bolt & Anchor with Stainless Steel Post & Steel Zinc Plated Anchor Body Four (4) Pack (Part Number: GAT-BHA-1/2X4-Z-4-PACK)
    – 4″ inch Long (1/2″ x 4″ long (.5″ x 4″ long))
    – Part GAT-BHA-1/2X4-Z-4-PACK includes K55 socket security bit for installing concrete bolts with a power drill
  • KryptoMax® Button Head K55 socket security bit for installation of 1/2″ (.5″) tamper resistant hardware you provide for power drills (Part Number: GAT-KM-T55)

G2 offers a full line of intensive use furniture for a variety of border control, commercial, detention, government, industrial, and security applications.

Heavy Duty Floor Mount Prison Bench

SKU: KM-FPB-72in Category: Tag:
KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Prison Bench for intensive use shown with restraint rings for handcuffs at an angle

Additional information




G2 Automated Technologies, LLC

Country of Origin

Made in the USA

Part Number

(Old Part Number: GAT-FPB-100)
(this part number designates 72"(6') wide bench without restraint feature; part numbers for custom sizes/options may differ)


72”Wide x 12”Dx 18” Height (for Part KM-FPB-72in)

Overall dimensions can be customized to meet your requirements for your application, ADA requirements, or other specifications. Contact us to discuss or note your requirements in your quote request.


12 Gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel Bench Top Construction with #4 Polished Finish

16 Gauge 2" Square Type 304 Stainless Steel Tubing Frame

2”x2”x1/4” Type 304 Stainless Steel Angle Floor Mounting Brackets with Half Inch (½”) Diameter Mounting Hole

Fully Welded, Single Piece Design


Restraint Rings (Handcuff Rings) Welded to Front or Bottom of Bench (also available on both sides of bench – front and back)

Restraint Bar (Handcuff Bar) Welded to Edge of Bench (also available on both sides of bench – front and back)

Tamper-Resistant Mounting Hardware (Anchors, Bolts, Security Bit Driver)

Powder Coated Mild Steel Construction in Custom Colors

Type 430 Stainless Steel Construction

Type 316L Stainless Steel Construction

Custom Sizes and Configurations are Available – Contact Us to Discuss Your Requirements or Note Custom Dimensions/Other Customizations in Your Quote Request


Life Time Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects




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